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He was a little off on the time frame, obviously. It wasn't until 2001 that a bioengineer <a href="http://www.cityofwestwego.com/home.asp">rolex submariner replica</a> named Morris Benjaminson and colleagues at New York's Touro College took chunks of fresh muscle tissue from a goldfish and immersed them in a vat of nutrient-rich liquid of fetal bovine serum. By doing that, the researchers <a href="http://www.55kipcenter.org/sitemap.html">louis vuitton outlet</a> found they could cause the still-living muscle cells to divide and produce more muscle cells; they were able to add about 14 percent worth of additional flesh on the chunks. Benjaminson actually tried frying the fake fish in olive oil flavored with <a href="http://www.oceancityseafood.com/old.asp">louis vuitton outlet</a> lemon, garlic and pepper and showed the result to colleagues, but nobody got up the nerve to actually try a bite [source: Sample].

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